Champion Chest is an international monetary resource that exists to support charities, charitable ventures, and qualifying startup businesses. 

We adopt a relational approach to offering support, building meaningful relationships with those who access Champion Chest. We also establish long-term relationships with those who partner with us, contributing to the Chest as part of their own philanthropic work.

The Chest is focused on providing practical, educational, and informational resources that help recipients live full and abundant lives in their own communities. Champion Chest is an all-inclusive initiative, supporting people based on their specific needs, and without regard for race, gender, or religion.

Categories of Support


Charitable Causes

Startup Businesses

Each of the categories can qualify for support from Champion Chest by: 

  1. Committing to an initial meeting with a representative of Champion Chest, outlining their work/need for support. 
  2. Agreeing to maintain an ongoing relationship with Champion Chest
  3. Providing quarterly progress reports on their work. 


The world is full of great charities doing incredible work to meet the needs of real people. Champion Chest partners with Charities that share its ethos and commitment to supporting people from all walks of life.